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Welcome to Our House.

"House of Ride is a revolutionary indoor cycling instructor collective. We are proud to arrange training events where instructors from anywhere and everywhere can network, learn in-class coaching techniques, and develop business skills."

Through their time in the fitness industry, House of Ride founders Felicia Purperhart and Harry French recognised the need for an independent space where the talents, relationships, and aspirations of indoor cycling instructors are supported and celebrated, where career progression can be spoken about in an open and pragmatic way, and where instructors can create joy together.


That space now exists.

Our Debut Event

We held our debut event on 30 April and 1 May, 2023, in Amsterdam.

Meet the Founders

 Felicia Purperhart

Harry French

House of Ride Co-Founder

House of Ride Co-Founder

Indoor cycling instructor, master trainer, certified personal trainer, graduated social worker

Indoor cycling instructor, master trainer, certified personal trainer, accredited life coach, DJ, Bike Raver

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"With House of Ride, I will celebrate coaches during career highs and give support during career lows."

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"Indoor cycling coaches are not just coaches. We're business people. Let's start acting like it."

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