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Upcoming Events

House of Ride will host our second event on 5 + 6 November, 2023, in Amsterdam.


Community Day - build our house. After the opening ceremony, three different rides in three different cycling styles will expand your in-class horizons. Empowerment circles facilitate connection betweejn instructors from different studios, countries, and stages in their careers. Breathwork and yin yoga close the day with rest and relaxation. Finish with networking at the bar. Wolfgang Mwanje, Psycle London, will join the programme, teaching a ride and facilitating one of the empowerment circles. 


Career Day - step up your career. You will leave this day with skills and insight to help you progress in your career and increase your earning potential. There will be two main workshops: Breathwork and Build Your Business. Breathwork promotes self-knowledge and confidence, and the workshop will use a session to develop more authentic motivation speaking skills for in class. The Build Your Business workshop will investigate how you can kickstart career progression from an entrepreneurial perspective. We end the day with a live DJ ride and House of Ride closing ceremony.

What's included - lunch and snacks by Recover, water bottle, yoga mat, sweat towel.

What's not included - cycling shoes with SPD cleats, shower towel, notepad and pen.

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